Harper Williams
After couple of years of being assistant of business law, Mrs Williams joined her family business. She adapted quickly, traveling around the country to promote and advertise their product and idea. Keeping time for her hobby of writing and specially helping us, she feels more aware of the business world.
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Jordan Roberts
Mr Roberts, well honored teacher of physics. With more than 37 years of practice, now he is retired without planning of quit studying. His big experience and knowledge is so diversified, that he is helping us part time writing.
Favorite topics: math, science, astrology and last but not least physics.
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Alex Ward
Worked long time in banking sector, Alex continue as a market analysor. His deep passion of making analysis are well known for its precision.
Graduated cooprorate finance, gains more point for his name.
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Zoe Clark
Journalistic education, ex-handball player. Zoe with her sport spirit is now our top researcher of exclusive news. Specialized in financial markets and spending her time making analysis, she is our crown jewel.
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Jacob Bishop
Writer, analyst, local critic. Couple articles in local magazine and newspaper.
Bishop recommends a famous phrase: “Writing is kind of like running — anyone can do it, but your results will vary mostly based on practice.” – By applying the same rule for the market, you can conclude that many people are trading, but how many of them are doing it successfully?
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Parker Moore
Graduated University of Washington, with 10 years of experience as a writer in financial field, Mr Moore is now sharing all of his knowledge of stock markets.
Parker’s interests are well diversified, starting from the price of crypto-currencies and can reach even the prices of salt and coffee.
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